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#1 - posted October 2, 2013. 01:45

well..Im sure all or most of you heard about the shutdown.I personally think that this was over-board.Like,what's wrong with the Obama Care Act? In my eyes it is an chance for everybody to have health care covered and avaible whenever they need it.Again,to me the Government has just gone overboard and to far.That's just me.
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#2 - posted October 2, 2013. 13:31

Not to troll you but, GTA5 Online came out the same day, so to be honest, I could care less about the government being shutdown. I hope that means they won't take taxes out of my next paycheck.
#3 - posted October 2, 2013. 17:10

I heard about it but its not even on the local news...
but yeah I think its stupid. Isnt there like a supplimentary budget for emergencies like this?
#4 - posted October 5, 2013. 06:32

This is not even really a government shut-down. It is only a partial shut down, 61 percent of the government is still running like usual. The only reason for it is Obama is stubborn and can't easily get his way this time. But who knows whats really going on.

Most paychecks still go out and such. But Obama is hinting about what would happen with an econimic-shut down, where no pay checks would be going out, and all kinds of other bullshit that I'm sure is unnecerssary.

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