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#1 - posted March 21, 2012. 04:33
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Intro / Description

- Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 is a video game designed for ps3 and xbox. It's based on the anime Naruto Shippuden and follows through the story from when Naruto gets back to the village in episode 1 all the way to the episode where Sasuke fights Killer Bee. There's about 40+ characters and 1 bonus character from Tekken 6 you can play from who each has a unique awakening and jutsu. It also includes wi-fi.


- It's really great. The story mode is great and the wi-fi is great. You can travel around in the story mode to where you want and do what you want, do side missions (mini missions), tasks (kind of like mini missions also, but you're getting them directly from people and they're rather fun to play), and you play through the story from episode 1 all the way to the episode with Sasuke and Killer Bee. Now the boss battles are really awesome, it's like you're seeing the actual episode, but doing it yourself (you just have to try it out yourself, it's great). You can also replay any of the battles and review all the story lines if you like. And in battle, you're able to choose up to two support characters which travel around with you in the story mode and help you out in battles with opponents. The moves and jutsu's the characters have are great. There's an awakening state each character has is they go below a certain amount of health. Naruto for example, he awakens to four-tailed form or Sasuke to mangekyou form. It makes them much more powerful, though it only lasts for a few minutes, but it's very awesome. And aside from that, you get wi-fi and play with other players from around the world which makes the game all more better. You can also select your own items to use in battle which of course, you have to buy from a shop which also sells many other things. Again, gameplay is great.


- I have to say it's pretty good. The music in the game is great to listen to. There are many various stages and characters which each has a different sound, so you won't get bored. The sounds also fits in with the settings, so yes, music is great.


- The graphics for this game is great. Compared to all the other naruto games, I have to say the graphics for this one is one of the best. It's especially great in the boss battles (kind of like you're watching the actual anime fight) and jutsu's. It's pretty amazing.


- It's worth buying. You won't get bored of it and the story mode and wi-fi for sure is what makes it fun and amazing.


Graphics (9/10)
Sound (8/10)
Gameplay (9/10)
Replay value (7/10)
Overall (8/10)
#2 - posted March 21, 2012. 22:07

You're probably the only one willing to bother, so chances are this one will be put up. You can't make it a little more descriptive though? Fit in as much detail as you can.
#3 - posted March 21, 2012. 22:14

All right. I'll edit it later tonight along with me posting a couple other reviews.

Edit: Nah, I'll do it tomorrow
#4 - posted November 4, 2012. 04:36

Hurry up and edit this already
#5 - posted November 21, 2012. 23:08

Is this ready to go on the site?
#6 - posted November 22, 2012. 00:56

What do you think, Ian? Does it look ready? I just now edited a bit.
#7 - posted November 22, 2012. 03:06

I think it is ready to roll. I just wanted to be sure you were done before adding it.

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