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#1 - posted October 10, 2013. 23:41

Did you enjoy highschool? Any good memories?
#2 - posted October 11, 2013. 05:11

Most of my days when I actually bothered going every day were spent ditching and getting stoned every morning for most of the day and sneaking in during lunch school for the first few ours then snreak out. Until I stopped even waking up as if I was going. So yeah, those were the good times.
#3 - posted October 11, 2013. 16:12

Yes and no. I will summarize all 4 of my high school years in 4 paragraphs.

9th Grade - Had no friends when I arrived there because I went to a charter school for middle school. However, when I arrived there I met up with a lot of people I hadn't seen in years, which was cool. Made some new friends and old friends. Some friends I still chill out with til today but not many. I hated English class and had to repeat Earth Space Science despite getting an A in it. (Skipped class to go smoke park at the top across from school a lot)

10th Grade -Serious acne came in and I lost a lot of confidence in myself. Had a low profile my entire time being there though, I did try to socialize. I got rejected by a lot of girls, I mean A LOT. To the point where I stopped trying to date anybody for a long time. Oddly, rejection doesn't seem to affect you at all after the 9th time; it's like you have some kind of weird immunity. Also, I fuckin HATED French class.

11th Grade - Went to Upward Bound over the summer, met a lot of cool people and some of them went to my school. Now THESE people, are the people that I consider my friends and I wouldn't mind being an old fart with. I will always cherish their friendship. Oh yeah, and I started to play bass, got hit by a car(with no damage done, idk how), finished Earth Space and my English credit. By the end of it, I had no more french class. This was also the first year I took FBLA serious and went to the state finals; I got some trophies and I slowly started to realize the girls in my city were fuckin bitches. When I went to state, EVERYONE, both male and female were very nice to me.

12th Grade - I started working out, wearing smaller clothing and I was a musician, so all of the girls who rejected me just a few years back were starting to dig me now. It was weird though, I didn't pay them any attention which made them mad and started spreading rumors about how I have Herpes. Which is also weird because how could a virgin have Herpes? Idk, dumb bitches, what can you do? I started playing in a metal band(we weren't great so I won't give a name) which oddly turned a lot of girls off of me because I'm black and playing in a metal band and I come from a devout christian home. However, the one girl that didn't turn away from me ended up being my first girlfriend. Even though eventually she broke my heart by dumping me for another guy during the summer, it was fun while it lasted.
#4 - posted October 13, 2013. 06:07

Freshman year was beast and I'm currently in sophomore year which is even more beast

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