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Topic: Online Rap Battle Tournament of Death!!!!!!!
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#15 - posted October 17, 2013. 05:39

thats gonna take to long fuck it lets go
im finna wreck shop on this bitch nelo
its tha online rap battle tournament of death
and im the fuckin reaper finna put his ass to rest
when it come to whos best there is no contest
gold plated ak ill put the treasure in ya chest
low said kill em ill get a new rank
I said cool cut the check thats money in the bank
Im a fuckin animal thats just to vicious
so dont take it personal this is just business
so before I finish you off do you have any last wishes
#16 - posted October 17, 2013. 11:25

Quote by Nelo
Ha! Guess this is like a freestyle-ish, and since its online we should find a flip a coin site or something that chooses which person goes 1st. Low why dont you use and pick a number. Then we pick a number, and the person with the closest number to yours decide who goes 1st

Looks like he already went ahead. So like, your up next. lol
#17 - posted October 18, 2013. 21:41

soooooo its been like 2 days....
#18 - posted October 18, 2013. 23:08
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It's been a day but my bad. I had to work both my jobs but i'm free now. Nice try btw I laughed when I read it.

Any last wishes? Bro your funny take this spank.
The way I be smoking loud I get your girl and then we flank.
It's Dj Nel up in this bitch I moderate and then I go.
So much swag up in my life, got Domo rawring to my flow.

I'm not a legend i'm a fable, got people looking kinde wary.
Go to school and then I flex I end your life like Bloody Mary.
I play some league and then I leave, gotta rush to farm it up.
A little scrub up in my eyes touch yourself 2 girls 1 cup.
#19 - posted October 19, 2013. 00:55
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man you finally make a post...and this is wat you come wit
if this the best yo have to offer then my nigga you is done wit
when you said that you would battle I asumed you had some talent
but readin yo last verse man this shit wont even be a challenge
this is not a competition my nigga i will slaughter you
you too bitch for me to son so I guess ill daughter you
fuck your parents abortin you, why the fuck they ever thought of you
hit you in the hip wit the hollow tip make yo disappear like harry potter do
boy need a change of plans call a huddle then an audible
by battlin me you defeatin yourself
you should get a baseball bat and start beatin yourself
betta get you a dictionary cause ya verses needin some help
I fell like bully they got me battlin an elf boy im movin in stealth
decapitate ya ass and put the head on my shelf
#20 - posted October 20, 2013. 02:09
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Your rhetoric is horrible dude, I'll leave ya split
Take some lessons on freestyles, no time to baby sit
Spend about 80 on crystal, and then I blow that shyt away
Got 20 bricks in my trunk, with a limearita in the tray

I skipped some classes back then, I left so I could take a hit
Went back to school after noon, and I still passed that shyt
I posted late during the night, my bitch had me during the day
This lil dude act like he's heavy, guess I gotta teach him obey

You talking mad slang dude, it's cool I'll give you your props
But when it's my turn to shine, I flex no time for the opps
You speak of hollow points homie? Don't tell that's how you fight
My clique is bossing for days, cook you just like Walter White
#21 - posted October 20, 2013. 02:12

Also lets keep this a minimum of 3/5 if you happen to reply. That way the last replies would be the last of our sets.
#22 - posted October 20, 2013. 05:54

my nigga you real funny we all know you aint bout dat action
we get ta scrappin and Ill make you leave with ya teeth in napkin
now I got you lookin like dam what happened
I dont know what the fuck you think you doin...but it sho'll aint rappin
nigga said he spent 80 on crystal...boy you neva touched a rock
boy got dem chicken hands...all he ever touch is cock
all I ever touch is guap
money like bird seed... throw it up,and watch dem chicken heads flock
see bitches the adore me, and just bore me
I tried ta read ya verse but it just kept screamin out ignore me
ridin wit ya bitch in the gt pedal sayin floor me
drove to the dock eject the seat and left the bitch on the floor sea..
damn I mean sea floor brought a new 4 door
ya chick said you pulled out ya dick she was still waitin to see more
everybody say you trash I can't agree more
my flo explosive like a nuke boy u barely even c4

lmao im done witchu but if you still wanna go I got bars for days it dont matter to me
#23 - posted October 22, 2013. 15:23

I'm liking Nelo. But, I would like one more verse from him before I conclude this rap battle.
#24 - posted October 22, 2013. 16:47
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Ill be the judge, once the battle is over! So far, Im leaning more towards Veroshi.
#25 - posted October 22, 2013. 16:54
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I like Nelo's.

Nelo > other guy
#26 - posted October 22, 2013. 21:10
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nelo still has a 3rd verse but id say kinkaku has him beat his punch lines and metaphors are on a whole different level I can tell that he a battle rapper while nelo is more of a free style rapper,
kinkakus last verse was funny as fuck tho, I wanna see how nelo will respond
#27 - posted October 24, 2013. 06:13
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You said I never touched a rock? I'm like gaia nigga, I collect the shyt.
You don't gotta understand my verses, it's just something you reckoned with.
My flow is slow like a turtle, but your flow sounds really suicidal.
I don't gotta throw seeds in the air my dude, these hoes already think I'm an idol.

How you gonna eject ya seat at the sea floor when you never even touched an ocean.
Everything I do has potential, they nicknamed me after Newtons law of motion.
I don't wanna talk about penis size, its suspect that you would even bring that up.
Just know that at the peak of the session, I leave ya girl screaming like a cluck.

You claim your style is a nuke but, your vibe is more like a taser.
I bombard over all of this shyt, like a spec oops class 2 grenadier.
I'll finish this session with ease, I already knew I wouldn't be worried.
Next time you plan to challenge me, remember that time I left you buried.

#28 - posted October 24, 2013. 06:47

im not gon lie I liked yo last verse but the first two was sub par

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