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(#1) posted October 13, 2013. - 02:20

Whats the best game for GBA in your opinion?
(#2) posted October 13, 2013. - 08:03

Its been ages since I remember playing a GBA game. I could tell you for sure that I spent more time playing Yugioh games, so I would consider that my favorite.
(#3) posted October 13, 2013. - 15:22
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I agree with Nelo yugioh games, and dragonball z legacy of goku. I liked how it was rpg.
(#4) posted October 14, 2013. - 16:01

Nelo took the words out of my mouth. I actually liked Legacy of Goku SOOO much, that I played part 2 and Buu's Fury.

Pretty much any anime game back in the day was a good GBA game. Though, you forgot to mention Megaman Battle Network. That was a good one. And come on man, Pokemon is always good too. You can never get tired of playing Pokemon.
(#5) posted October 17, 2013. - 03:12

I remember having Megaman. It was Blue Moon, and I freaking loved it. But I was in like the 6th grade back then so I rage allot when I couldn't beat games. I used to have Immortal Grand Prix and I couldnt beat the damn race, so I smashed my gba and threw it out the window. After that I lost track of all my games. I still play pokemon from time to time, I wanted to get either X or Y but I found out there isnt even 100 new pokemon, so I said forget it. The Dragon Ball Z's were fun also. I dont remember the version I had but the last 1 I played was the GT version.

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