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#1 - posted October 20, 2013. 09:15

Hello everyone,
I'm not going to make a large wall of text for this ! i know very few among you will ever read it...
only the most relevant informations will be revealed in here!
and in the most enjoyable way! ;)
so let's begin


Naruto Zero is a Fan made 2D mmorpg !
it is in development for almost 2 years now, and although originally in french the game is being translated to different languages right now!


You begin as a student in the whirlpools country, there you will meet some ninjas from Konoha in mission, they will initiate you to the game and tell you all you need to know to join a Village and begin your journey,

The main story is a faithful reproduction of the original mangas!
you'll be able to do all the missions you have watched in the anime,

those who don't know the original story can watch this :

Special Features:

<!> i'm only going to list Original features here <!>

Villages: In naruto Zero You can Join one of the 5 mains villages(Konoha,Suna , Iwa, Kumo and Kiri)
but first you must be recruited by one of the Kages

Territories: every region in Naruto Zero is the property of one of the main villages, neutral or owned by a criminal organization(like the Akatsuki...)
A kage will be able to declare war and invade those territories !

Special Gameplay
nothing better than some videos and screens to show you the gameplay ^^

#2 - posted October 20, 2013. 10:25

Looks like a cool little game. However, Im no longer going to permit any advertising on the forum. The topic can still remain open, just no linkings, please.
#3 - posted October 21, 2013. 21:58

There are alot of online naruto games now

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