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#1 - posted October 22, 2013. 15:13

"If you could write a letter to your younger self, what would it say?"

I guess you can say this is a writing assignment based off of a photo I found on facebook.

But, instead of two words, use a paragraph or two words as you like.....or you could only use two words. It's your choice. Give it a shot!

In two words: Cigarettes Bad!!!!!

In a paragraph or, three:

Dear Younger Me(Age 14),......boy do I got A LOT of shit to tell you.

First, High School is gonna suck! Far more than anything you will ever imagine though, it will only pertain with your relationships with women. As for your grades, you'll pass through them without really trying, so don't think that smoking pot will affect your grades at all. Not all of it is bad, but most of it is. You'll go through a LOT of rejection/confusion/anger/embarrassment but once it' over, you'll hate it for a year, miss it for a month and realize how easy it was after a week.

Second, Learning how to become a metal musician isn't going to be as easy as you expected it to be.....that's right, you gave up being a Businessman to join a metal band! Surprising, right? Though, don't let this be a reason to quit the business program at school, all the field trips and excuses to be out of school was pretty fun. And you discover a lot about yourself aswell! However, the most surprising thing you'll discover is that you don't want to study business anymore, you want to play music.

Finally, working in the restaurant industry is tough. Both physically, mentally and spiritually. You lose a small part of your soul every time you go into that place. Now, this could develop into a good thing or bad thing but, I don't know yet, I'm a 20-something year old as I'm writing this. However, just because it's tough isn't a reason to quit. The pay is real good plus, it kinda helps you support your smoking/drinking well as support you financially while you're in college. You can thank your buddy Dave in the future for that, so all those long-nights of drinking, long-days of hangovers, drunk driving, drunk fights, hospital bills, parties, random old hags trying to molest you and strip clubs (LOTS of strip clubs).......*catches breathe*......are eventually going to pay off. So hang in there and DON'T bitch out!

P.S - You're gonna fall in love at the end of high school but when she breaks your heart for some douchebag, don't say I didn't warn you. It'll hurt and you'll go through this whole man-whore phase but, eventually you'll find someone better.....eventually...hell, if I know I'm still lookin'.
#2 - posted October 22, 2013. 16:37

Try to concentrate on school you moron! It's NOT cool to fail every subject. And.. don't start smoking and stuff.

I don't actually know what i would say to my younger self..
#3 - posted October 22, 2013. 16:50


Dear me,

Why you so lame? Why didnt you study like you supposed to? Why didn''t you socialize? You love writing so much, why the heck didnt you ever publish a single story! You lame!

Thank you for listening,
Your futureself.

I think that about sums it up.
#4 - posted October 22, 2013. 17:01

I'm not sure where I'd even start. So I'll come back to this soon.

Moved to Literature section btw.
#5 - posted November 3, 2013. 19:37

I like this topic pretty creative.
Where do I start

Your lazy

Hey me,
You should have participated in clubs in school. You should of stopped being childish when it came to certain things. When people gave you contructive criticism you should of took it instead of taking it to heart.
When it comes to school you should have studied more instead of playing those new Naruto games. Also you should have started your own saving for college fund so that you didnt assume one was made for you. So that you wouldn't of found out your mom made one at one point but blew it all on cigarettes and other bs. Another thing you should try to talk to people when you have problems that way you won't have to suffer from having a bad temper.
Oh and your dad thinks your a failure even if you enter college so work really hard to prove him wrong.

I think thats it

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