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#1 - posted November 3, 2013. 15:04

Guys did you hear about Ultimate Naruto? It's a new free to play browser game and it looks really cool. Check this video if you want to see how it looks:

I've played it for a while and it's really worth a try ;)
#2 - posted November 3, 2013. 19:26

It looks interesting so its an rpg?
#3 - posted November 4, 2013. 07:31

I play UN, it's pretty fun and easy to get into. Yeah it's an RPG and has some great characters to use.
#4 - posted November 4, 2013. 13:24

Moving to Online Games section.

A lot of online naruto games are popping up on the net like crazy. Though, I think I might actually play this one. It looks like somebody decided to do a Naruto version of this One Piece game I played once. I can't remember the name of the game though, been a while since I played.


Pockie Pirates, that was the name of the game.
#5 - posted November 4, 2013. 21:54

I played it....not really that dont really have that much control you just go through the motions...if it was more interactive it would be better
#6 - posted November 5, 2013. 13:45

I played it for a couple of hours, quit lol. It looks like Pokey Ninja tbh.

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