Topic: When was the last you went to the movies?
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(#17) posted on December 4, 2013. - 04:29

Amazing Spiderman (2013).

Its has been a while.
(#18) posted on December 4, 2013. - 09:13

Oh yeah, now that I think of it, when "Insidious" was in theatres I saw that, other than that, Last I can recall was Star Wars episode three.

I rarely go to the movies, I would if I had like, a chick(s) to go with. Which I'm sure I know some I could invite, I just never think about seeing movies, or even watching TV much lately. My dad used to take me to a lot though as a young kid, but that doesn't count. lol
(#19) posted on December 4, 2013. - 16:25

Its really expensive now too

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