Topic: If Bleach were continued?
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(#1) posted on January 26, 2014. - 18:05

If the anime was continued rather than cancelled would you watch it. I think I would.
(#2) posted on January 26, 2014. - 23:30

Yep I would definitely watch it.
(#3) posted on February 28, 2014. - 08:20

I would Watch It, I think they should of did the story diffrent
(#4) posted on March 5, 2014. - 12:52

if they continued it they would of made another useless filter arc. i rather have a movie or 2.
(#5) posted on March 5, 2014. - 22:47

i watch it and i like it
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(#6) posted on March 7, 2014. - 05:19

I would watch it. Too bad anime seems to have gotten cancelled.

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