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#1 - posted March 22, 2012. 14:10

Just thought I'd share these famous stories from whence we got our Alladin stories and Sindbad ones.

Main Site Link

I know most of these stories, having watched serialized depictions of these stories. Ali Baba and the Fourty thieves, Sindbad and Alladin are like my favorite But basically every one of these are as entertaining. I would recommend you guys to read as these stories are pretty old and are the basis for many that came after. I promise you won't be disappointed.

I posted this in the Off-topic due to the lack of a Literature section on the forum. Hope you all had a good time.
#2 - posted March 22, 2012. 21:38

I believe the last time I read about the Arabian Knights was 3 years ago. Though it was One Thousand and One Nights. Back then there was crazy diversification of them, and their story was reworked on numerous television shows and stations. Sindbad was my favorite of the tale.
#3 - posted March 22, 2012. 21:42

The Ebony Horse

"Deem not that absence breeds in me aught of forgetfulness.
What should remember I did you fro' my remembrance wane?
Time dies but never dies the fondest love for you we bear,
And in your love I'll die and in your love I'll arise again."

#4 - posted March 23, 2012. 09:55
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Wow, awesome! I've actually recently had a random urge to read something story like, but from ancient this is almost too perfect of a coincidence xD

Thanks for the link! I think I'll read the opening story later tonight :D

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