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(#1) posted on January 30, 2014. - 21:04

Currently I'm doing some editing to existing character biographies, as well as some jutsu and other Naruto Info pages after noticing some of them aren't worded as good as they should, not to mention how out-dated everything in the info section is.

Edited bios:
- Uchiha Itachi
- February 4th: Hatake Kakashi, Orochimaru

I'll list all characters I'm updating in any way on this topic as I work on them.
(#2) posted on February 2, 2014. - 14:40

Ok itachi killed his clan under order of danzo and the leaf village higher ups because the uchiha clan were planning a koo, and that would have made the village weak enough for other villages to invade causing another war. Itachi killed his entire clan with the help of tobi

The akatsuki's original goal was to obtain all the bijuu (tailed beast) so that they can control all wars, ie when the ninja nations go to war they would sell the bijuu to them. Their true goal was discovered when nagato(pein) was defeated and tobi showed his true role as leader of the akatsuki.
(#3) posted on February 4, 2014. - 23:28

For right now, I'm just doing small changes like re-wording certain parts to make their story be more fluent and make more sense. I haven't added any new info yet but will be soon.
(#4) posted on February 11, 2014. - 16:31

The changes look good keep it up. Hearing this is exciting!
(#5) posted on February 28, 2014. - 08:17

Liking the changes so far it looks nice

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