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#1 - posted March 12, 2014. 09:21

Naruto Chapter 668: The beginning of the red spring official discussion.

#2 - posted March 12, 2014. 21:03

And now?
I think Gai will not defeat Madara alone!
#3 - posted March 13, 2014. 05:12

Well, that much is a given. There's no way Madara can actually be beaten. Especially if Gai's father could not one shot the Seven Mist Swordsmen, it must mean something.
#4 - posted March 14, 2014. 01:15

I think Gai is going to give Madara some kind of wound that would somehow hinder Madaara enough so that naruto can either defeat or kill him.
#5 - posted March 14, 2014. 15:32

All I wanted to know was the history Gai had with the mist ninja. I want to see more of his past instead of this fight with him and Madara because once he is dead I think the manga is gonna rush to the finish.
#6 - posted March 16, 2014. 23:12

Yeah I aqcho they will tell it better in the manga or anime!
but even his dad the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist, the madara is far beyond the comprehension of the anime is able to finish the infinite Tsukuyomi!
would be creepy! comes to end with happy endings!
and even then it would not be sad because it would be a perfect world!

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