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#15 - posted March 22, 2014. 14:55

Watch "Naruto Shippuden Itachi vs Kisame (English Dubbed)" on YouTube
Naruto Shippuden Itachi vs Kisame (English Dubbed): http://youtube/ErNlGS4Yyoo
#16 - posted March 22, 2014. 15:00

Quote by Low

Let me clear somethings. Bee, who Kisame defeated, bested TAKA, with Sasuke in it, a sharingan user. In fact, Bee is faster than the Sharingan could follow. And, Kisame defeated Bee very easily. Ill post a video.

- Amaterasu Samehada? lol
Samehada Negates chakra. here Samehada is only negating Fire because it hates Fire based chakra. Amaterasu will either get absorbed or negated.

- No, Kisame was keeping up with Bee outside the water. Samehada can dodge a version 1 Bee with 7 tails charge, on its own. They are both fast.

In the episode Kisame died, it took a gate gai, a throw from Bee and a boost from Gai's summon to catch Kisame. He is fast. lol

- Totsuka Blade is not touching Kisame.
it cant negate jutsu he would turn that sword to a fishstick....and in that instance he wasnt against a sharingan, he is not fast enough
And at that point in the manga saskue wasnt powerful enough to take on an experienced jinchuriki like bee I mean kumon he just got the mangyeko before that fight and saskue only beat itachi cause he was sick and over used his mangyeko and kishi had to let saskue get his revenge

#17 - posted March 22, 2014. 15:11

This shit wont let me post it....sooo just go to youtube and type it in its the the one thats like 3:27 or sum like dat with a pic of kisame

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