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#1 - posted March 23, 2012. 07:10
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Intro / Description

- Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations is the 8th installment of the Ultimate Ninja series, following its predecessor Storm 2. It takes place from the beginning of the Naruto Universe where Naruto's first major battle in the Chuunin exams took place, following all the way to the Five Kage Summit. Similar to its previous edition, Storm Generations has Story Mode, Online Mode, Single/Quick Battle, and Collections. The new additions added to the game are a huge success for its gameplay. Those are Tournament Mode, a new feature where players from across the world can compete against each other, while still rewarding the winner and loser Ryo for their performance, and Survival Mode, a feature that tests a players skills against multiple computer AI. Unlike Storm 1, Generations Story Mode isn't Free roam. Its similar to Storm 2, but the story sequences are more anime-ish, having real scenes from the actual anime, such as Sasukes's encounter with Gaara after a brutal battle against Zetsu. Story Mode is also a good reminder to many past events in the series, wheres other Storylines have humor, Such as Killer Bee's Tale, where he raps each time he beats his opponent, and then recruits them as backup dancers.


- The gameplay is very similar to its previous installments in exception to reduced gameplay speed compared to Storm 1. They have brought back many of the original special's such as Itachi's Tsukuyomi, and Naruto's 1000 Combo Barrage. The big issue with this is that their specials are weakened, and no longer requires the button action mode to outsmart your opponent. This is good and bad, because it helps for an instant attack for players with no experience, aswell as ruining the game by denying players to counter specials similar to how the anime follows. Along with this gameplay comes a few new features. They have replaced the chakra substitution with a new substitution bar. Now players have a chance to substitute 4 times without using any chakra to help them. They have also added new awakening modes and attacks to previous awakening modes to boost character stats. Some new awakenings includes Naruto in his Human Nine Tailed Mode, adding an increase of speed and hand to hand combat for him. There's also a new Sasuke, where just like Itachi, he spawns Susano'O. New support characters have been added, while others major characters were added to the game, such as bringing back the Sound 4 aswell as adding Haku and Zabuza. They have increased the tactical fighting in many areas of this game, such as the multi-direction button act when performing different combos, and the teammate assists when at different parts of the map.


- The sounds of Storm Generation is probably the best of the series. They have added in even the smallest details of sound such as absorbing excess chakra. The BGM is pretty good, but its not the best compared to Ultimate Ninja 2 and 3. While many of the Shippuden songs are great, the old installations have better battle music to play to.


- Graphics in Storm Generations are awesome. Many of the Ultimate Jutsu are fun to look at, not just for the awesomeness of destroying your opponent to an oblivion, but because of the artwork the creators put into it. Many of the normal attacks such as Sasuke's Chidori is amazing, and the effects used while in Awakening Mode makes the graphics more vibrant to your screen. If you are the owner of a HD or LED Tv, then this is probably 1 of the best additions you will enjoy while playing this game.


- Ultimate Ninja has come along way, and there has been a great deal of features added aswell. Storm Generations is fun dont get me wrong, but I miss allot of the old saga's features, such as the special clashes from Ultimate NInja 3 to Storm 1, aswell as the awesomely overpowered Ultimate Jutsus. I enjoy playing Storm with friends, but my main goal is to platinum it. One of the worst features I cant stand about Storm is their online battle mode. The archaic match selections are by far the worst ive ever experienced in any online game in my life. You go online expecting to fight someone within a minute, but thats not the case. You find someone ready to get the battle started, only to be backed out because that opponents lobby is either full, or you lost connection to them. This was a major issue for me in the previous storm, and i'm glad they didn't add online trophies or I might have not platinumed this game. Another issue I have is the substitution flaw. Namco should have kept the substitution chakra based instead of adding a new bar limiting substitution to 4 times. I love to substitute, who wouldn't mind getting out of an ass whooping or 2 from time to time. But because of the limitation, players are more open to massive combos and special attacks from characters like Susano'O Sasuke, whose combo once connected are dangerous. I like Storm Generations because its more friendly to play with your friends, but I dislike it because there are many flaw spammers, and I just plain miss the old features from the previous games. But hey I recommend getting it if you're a fan of not just the anime, but of fighting games, because Storm Generations is surely a action packed thriller, and i'm sure that more will be added in the future.

Graphics (9/10)
Sound (7/10)
Gameplay (8/10)
Replay value (4/10)
Overall (7/10)

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#2 - posted March 25, 2012. 22:08

Nicely done Nelo, I can't wait to get my hands on this one.
#3 - posted March 29, 2012. 09:55

Well I wouldn't rush it unless you're a trophy/achievement hunter like myself. But you can play with friends atleast.
#4 - posted March 29, 2012. 14:57


EDIT: This review will be added to the site soon. Thanks
#5 - posted October 7, 2013. 08:44

I finally got to adding this review. I just need to get the missing info in the facts box and some images.

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