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Topic: Naruto Chapter 670 prediction
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#1 - posted March 25, 2014. 08:49

Naruto opens his eyes

Naruto: Kurama! Everyone!

SFX: Standing up

Naruto: What's this place? (Pause...) Yeah, that's where I met the bijuus.

SFX: Walking
Far away, a figure is disappearing into the dark.

Naruto: Wait! Who are you?
SFX: Running
Naruto runs toward the vanishing figure.
SFX: Water splashing
Naruto: Heh...Wait! What are you doing here?

Naruto: ( Damn it, I fell unconscious.) Heh, do you know what's happening up there? What is Madara doing?
SFX: Halt
The figure stops with Naruto close to him.
Mysterious person: Shukaku, Matatabi, Isobu..

Mysterious person: .... Son Goku, Kokuo, Saiken, Choumei, Gyuki, Kurama!
The whole place lits brightly and the nine bijuus form a circle around Naruto.
Naruto: Huh, what's happening?
Mysterious man: It's about time I meet you Uzumaki Naruto!

Scene changes to Madara
Madara(scary smile): Now, don't disappoint me!
SFX: Regenerating

Madara's wounds heal instantly, his broken horn grows again and his clothes reform anew.
Gai: !!! 
Gai stretches his arm and brings his hands together.
Gai: Not yet. The red springtime of youth is still not over.

Gai: (This is my last technique before all the gates close again. I cannot miss) Gozenreiji no h��! ( Midnight Phoenix)
SFX: Energy roaring! Pulsing!

Madara: ( All the air around him is compressing into a single point. And this energy is... natural energy?)

SFX: Landing

Madara: (If I am hit head on, the juubi might be affected)
SFX: Hand seals

Madara casts a barrier around him
Gai: The phoenix announces rebirth. I may die here but youth will prevail in the subsequent ages. 
SFX: Heartbeat weakening
Gai: (Farewell.....Everyone) 

The scene changes with a flash to gai's childhood
Dying Dai: I have taught you everything my son. Now is the time...
Dai dies with the other swordsmen on the ground around him.
Gai: Father! Father......!
SFX: Crying
Gai (shouting): Father!!!!!!!

Scene changes to Gai

Gai: (Shinobis endure and pass their will to the next generation. That's what you did father! Now is the time for my rule)

SFX: Flight

Crimson energy is shot forward and it expands to take the form of a crimson phoenix.
SFX: Clash
Madara: Perhaps this energy is too much even for that barrier.

SFX: Stepping behind
Madara gets away from the barrier from the rear.
SFX: Crack
The barrier shatters apart and the phoenix gains more momentum

Madara: It absorbed it! It might come faster than I had expected.

SFX: High speed flight

Madara gets away while the phoenix penetrates through and outside the barrier.

Gai: I won't let you escape... 
SFX: Gates closing
Gai: ( I have reached my limits)
SFX: Fall

Madara: It is getting closer. Shinju!!!
SFX: Creak!!!

The god tree moves towards the ground to take the attack head on.

SFX: Evading
The phoenix dodges the roots of the god tree.
SFX: Eruption
Wood erupts from the ground and the phoenix strikes against it.
SFX: Explosion

Madara: As I thought, this won't be enough to deal with it.

A crimson figure emerges from the smoke.

Gaara: I have gathered enough chakra.
SFX: Hands raising
A huge wall of sand surrounds Madara.

SFX: Shooting

The black balls are shot, explode in the sand forming a barely visible hole.

Madara (smiling): Impressive defense! Guess I am cornered.
SFX: Hands stretching
Madara: You are amazing but still your abilities pale in comparison to me. Shinra Tensei!

Scene changes to Naruto

Naruto: You look familiar. Do we know each other?
Mysterious person: We are closer than you would ever think.

Bijuus: It is time to meet your destiny Naruto.
Naruto: You are all there! Even you Kurama. I am sorry-
Kurama: It's my other half which got taken.
Son goku: It can't be helped. This Madara guy has the rinnegan, the old man's eye.
Naruto looks at the figure in front of him
Naruto: Could he be the sage of six paths?
Shukaku: Not really-
Kurama: Shut up and let the old man talk.
Shukaku: You always get on my nerves stupid fox.

Choumei: They are doing it again.
Naruto(laughing): My bad, this two can never get along.
Mysterious old man: Not really. They are like the yin yang. Though they are opposed, they can be united because they are similar.
Naruto: Yin Yang? I don't get it. Anyway, if you are not the sage of six paths, what's an old man doing here?
Mysterious old man: I guess you are responsible for this, kurama.
Yin Kurama: Yes, sorry. I couldn't help but hate these humans. So I did it.
Naruto: Do what?
Mysterious old man: It doesn't matter. After our talk, I will return it to you.
Naruto(putting his hands on his head): It and this aren't telling me. I can't figure out anything.

Yin Kurama: I absorbed your yin essence before you were born. Unlike other human, you lack mental energy.
Naruto: It doesn't matter. It's all thanks to you I was able to work hard to achieve anything.
Yin Kurama: Now I see why my other half was converted. You are undoubtedly the chosen one.
Mysterious old man: Uzumaki Naruto, do you know who I am?
Naruto: Hmmmmm. Let's see..... Teuchi? Nope. Damn, it seems like a distant memory.
Mysterious old man: Who is Teuchi?
Yin Kurama(annoyed): The Ramen Guy it seems.
Isobu to son goku: This conversation is getting annoying. Let's get this over with old man.
Mysterious old man: Naruto, I will help you find yourself. It's about time you remember the past.

Mysterious old man: The shadows that obscure the world are darker than one can imagine.
Matatabi: The shinju is incarnate destruction.
Saiken: It must be stopped at all cost.
Kokuo: The elder son set the cycle of hatred in motion and the mind of the shinju is getting reborn again.
Naruto: What is the shinju?
Kurama: The ten tails, the progenitor and the destroyer.
Naruto: So, you mean that there is more to the ten tails?
Mysterious old man: Much more than you would ever imagine Uzumaki Naruto! 

NEXT WEEK: The old man is revealed. The terrific past is about to unfold.

#2 - posted March 25, 2014. 17:50

Well, this is only a guess but I think Naruto now has the full Kurama. Should be interesting.
#3 - posted March 26, 2014. 01:35

Quote by Low
Well, this is only a guess but I think Naruto now has the full Kurama. Should be interesting.

No madara extracted his half the half he has now came from minato
#4 - posted March 26, 2014. 04:31

Quote by Kinkaku_Veroshi

No madara extracted his half the half he has now came from minato

Didn't Obito get the full Kurama?

chapter has been released here.

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