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#1 - posted April 9, 2014. 00:55

Feeling pump for it after seeing nintendo direct today and decided to make an hype thread.

3ds version is going to be release in the summer while the Wii U is going to be release in the Winter

Yoshi got confirmed. charizard is got promoted to playable character and not part of Red's pokemon. His final smash is his mega X form

and we got a new contender in the form of Greninja! the final form of the water starter of gen 6.

art done by Xous of Deviantarts
#2 - posted April 10, 2014. 18:48

So glad I got a wii u for this game. Sora is going to be awesome in this
#3 - posted April 10, 2014. 19:17

so your getting kingdom hearts 3 then.

#4 - posted April 10, 2014. 23:26

No I'm getting brawl he is in brawl
#5 - posted April 10, 2014. 23:36

looks at current roaster at the official website. i don't see sora or do you mean sonic? if it is sonic then auto corrector strikes again.

Oldest to newest revealed characters

Pit, Bowser, Pikachu, Bowser, Wii Fit trainer, Fox, Kirby, megaman, samus, link, villager from animal crossing, donkey kong, mario, pikiman and olmer, luigi, peach, toon link, sonic, rosalina from mario, marth, zelda, little mac, king dedede, lucario, diddy kong, zero suit samus, sheik, yoshi, charizard, and greninja
#6 - posted April 11, 2014. 00:31

My bad it's a hack Nintendo fails again
#7 - posted April 11, 2014. 01:22

Heres a link to the legit site

32 out of 39 characters announced

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