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#1 - posted April 11, 2014. 18:03

Set up to appear in fall. The show is a parallel universe for Sonic and his friends. The companies Naughty Dog ( used to have rights for Crash Banditcoot series) and Big Red Button Productions are responsible for the redesign of the characters. The show is supposed to be a comedy, like the Adventures of Sonic the hedgehog series back in the 90s. Only will be dubbed in English. What are your thoughts?
#2 - posted April 18, 2014. 19:28

Pass. Sonic is more your department kabuto so let me know if its any good
#3 - posted April 19, 2014. 02:03

I was going to pass but I saw Naughty Dog; and based on their past creations, one being The Last of Us, I think this show would have potential. Though I haven't watched sonic since I was like 13 and its been years since I played any of the games.
#4 - posted April 19, 2014. 15:47

Quote by DarkSasword
Pass. Sonic is more your department kabuto so let me know if its any good

I'll probably watch a few episodes. It's funny cause Sonic Team in Japan is staying away from it as much as possible.

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