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#1 - posted April 23, 2014. 08:04

Naruto Chapter 674: Sasuke's Rinnegan official discussion.

#2 - posted April 23, 2014. 16:32

Kakashi NO!

This fight is going to be awesome when it gets animated
#3 - posted April 23, 2014. 22:06

I really feel bad for Kakashi. He just has to go through so much. Oh and I'm hoping Sakura can save herself. The fight is pretty awesome so far.
#4 - posted April 23, 2014. 23:54

Senju DNA is godly. Love it when people with it could just steal and eye and attach it with their nerves in like 0 secs. Like do they even care about eye size's because Kakashi has small eyes, Madara should look like a psycho with it in his socket.
#5 - posted April 24, 2014. 00:54

Kakashi had obito eye. Obito currently has one of Madara's rinnegons

So Madara can take Obito's eye

All eyes in naruto are the same size despite it being possible genetically but its following anime logic rule
#6 - posted April 24, 2014. 04:28

Kakashis eye should have been went blind after they teleported obito to kamui

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