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#1 - posted April 24, 2014. 02:34

After being on a Hiatus for 2 years due to illness, the author who made yu yu hakusho is coming back in June to jump to make more chapters for his hit manga Hunter X hunter.

Currently the anime is near the end of the chimera ant arc, which is the second to last arc that Togashi wrote before going on his 2 year hiatus.
#2 - posted April 24, 2014. 08:47

I read the news yesterday. Quite thrilled tbh.
#3 - posted April 24, 2014. 17:32

I've been reading the manga lately it pretty good. I need to get caught up though.
#4 - posted April 25, 2014. 03:32

I kindoff envy you right now. You needed have to deal with all those hiatus and wonder when togashi will return to write another chapter.

#5 - posted April 25, 2014. 13:33

That's pretty much where I am at.

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