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(#1) | posted on May 5, 2014. 12:12

I re-opened our IRC channel. This is mostly just for if anyone wants or needs to one-on-one chat (instant message) with someone who doesn't have an instant messenger like AIM or Skype or any of that, or would just like to be able to chat with others somewhere other than the mainsite's chatroom.

Channel: #naruto-kun
Link: Connect via web (forum chat)

Trivia bot
You can also play Anime trivia with other members. Just type .trivia in the channel and the trivia bot will start asking questions. .strivia will stop the bot from asking any more questions.

Internets bot
The internets bot lets you google search right in the chat, by typing .g _____ - of course fill in the blank with your desired seach, and the bot will post results for your search right in the channel.

Quotes bot
The quotes bot lets anybody that is at least voiced (+) or higher add quotes to the channel.
.quote add - adds given quote to database, must have voice or higher on channel.
.quote search - searches database for given word.
.quote read - messages quote matching given number.
.quote random - messages a random quote.
.quote total - messages number of quotes in database.

Registering your nickname via NickServ
While registering your nickname in IRC is not required to chat, you can register your nick so that it is reserved for you officially. If you have registered, you can identify that you are the owner of the name by typing /msg nickserv IDENTIFY passwordhere - or simply type in your password on the web-chat login form.

Command to register your name:
/msg nickserv REGISTER password email

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