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#1 - posted May 7, 2014. 04:49

This is a discussion for both J-drama and K-drama.

Recently I have started to watch J-dramas, Bitter blood being a most recent example. I wanted to know if anyone else watches either J-drama or K-dramas.
#2 - posted May 8, 2014. 15:03

I've only watched a few based on anime. Could you recommend some?
#3 - posted May 8, 2014. 22:06

Bitter blood is a new one(only 4 episodes). it stars Takeru Satoh who play Kenshin in the Rurouni Kenshin live action movie and Watabe Atsuro . Its under hulu as parters by blood for some weird reason.

manga to drama

Future Diary - Another World.
GTO (2012 version)
#4 - posted May 9, 2014. 18:56

I'll have to check it out then.

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