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Topic: Series to be featured on the site
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(#1) posted June 16, 2014. - 09:11
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As a final attempt at saving this website from going into eternal slumber forever, we decided to make Naruto-Kun a general anime and manga site. As in it will be dedicating more content to other series than Naruto and Bleach.

I know you guys are gonna have your reccomendations, so lets hear them in this topic.

(#2) posted June 17, 2014. - 00:20
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Try to add to the site: either the newer popular ones like Attack on Titan, Sword art online, and No life No Game.

Or try to add the current anime of the season. example winter 2014, summer 2014
(#3) posted June 19, 2014. - 05:01

I've been seeing a lot on TV about Attack on Titan, havent checked it out myself yet but sounds like it may be a good addition.
(#4) posted June 19, 2014. - 05:57
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Attack on Titan is crazy popular.

The hype during its run time was crazy. Music is excellent.
(#5) posted June 23, 2014. - 10:47
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It s actually called No Game No Life. But, its a seasonal run with one last episode to air. Maybe we may get a second season, not sure.
(#6) posted June 23, 2014. - 11:03

.-. what

Anyway, Attack on Titan is also on N-K now.
(#7) posted June 24, 2014. - 03:32

Attack Titan was Last year most popular life.

Currently for this season the most popular is No game No life. Good way to check to see if a show is getting a season 2 is by dvd sales or if they tease the teaser for season 2 in the last episode.

Fall anime is going to be crazy with season 2s, remakes, and the other stuff.
(#8) posted June 30, 2014. - 05:00

I just watched Tv for the first time in ages last night and realized that Attack on Titan is hosted on Adult Swim.
(#9) posted July 2, 2014. - 01:18

The dubs pretty good. I'm suprised.
(#10) posted July 2, 2014. - 03:03

Dub of One piece is on the triller bank arc.

pretty soon it will cover one of the greatest arcs. Impel down and the Marineford arcs

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