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#1 - posted July 2, 2014. 03:18

That he extended the arrancar arc. It should of ended after Ichigo defeated Aizen, Full Bring Arc was pointless, etc

Discuss What you like or dislike on the direction that Kubo made while writing bleach.
#2 - posted July 6, 2014. 23:13

I find it utterly meaningless since Aizen was defeated.
#3 - posted July 10, 2014. 03:18

I think in Kubo original rough draft of the arrrancar arc was meant to be shorter but his editor made him drag it out. I think that Aizen was meant to be the disk one boss.

Also the problem with the full bringers is they were not strong enough. If your going to introduce new villains make them stronger or at least equal strength to the shinigami. I forgot their names with how unnecessary and unimpacting they were.

As for the Juha Bach/Quicy war/whatever the current arc is. I feel that if the arranger arc wasn't fused that this would of been a good arc. Right now i kinda feel that ending is being rushed and that were are not getting to know the Quicy enough.

#4 - posted July 17, 2014. 15:58

Well from my look at it I feel the show would have been so much better if the arcs were rearranged. The quincy war arc should have been used along time ago instead of putting it last. The arrancar arc should have been last because then kubo could have potentially used hell as a final arc.
#5 - posted July 17, 2014. 23:45

So after rukia rescue. Aizen, Toshin, and Gin go build there Arrancar army. There search is longer then Canon bleach and they actually train the Arrancar.

The shinigami get mindfucked by the Quicy. Ichigo discovered things like his mother was a quicy and what his Zanpakto spirit really is. Deaths of certain main characters. Ishida has to decide between the Quicy and Shinigami. Then the Arrancar arc happens.

Only problem I see with this Nelo is Ichigo and Ishida relationship. During the Arrancar arc it help strengthen their bond ( I think that Ishida is pulling an Itachi on us.)

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