Topic: Is censoring the media effective?
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(#1) posted August 3, 2014. - 10:55

According to me it as it protects the young children from getting spoiled
(#2) posted August 3, 2014. - 12:17

Depends on what it is that is being censored, and where it is being shown from. I personally hate censors in music and stuff like that.

And of course, there are those totally obscene things that just need to be censored.
(#3) posted August 3, 2014. - 13:15

Censoring totally kills media IMO. I'm not t alking about porn or excessive language, but animes. Where blood and gore animes are totally killed by censors.
(#4) posted August 4, 2014. - 18:00

yeah i totally agree with low ...all the fun part is gone,,,even in the movies. and in the music too
(#5) posted August 5, 2014. - 17:37

I'm not that into censoring but if I had kids I wouldn't allow them to see certain things so that is one reason why I would accept censorship. As for the message, well aside from movies and music it seems like videos are the only thing that bypasses censorship.

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