Bringer of Darkness

Japanese name: Kokuangyou no Jutsu
Used by: The Second Hokage
Jutsu Image Creates an illusion of complete darkness over the battlefield. It traps the opponent into absolute darkness, where they can see nothing but their own body. The person/people trapped inside the genjutsu cannot see the user if the user decides to attack, therefore defending one's self is extremely hard.

Clone Technique

Japanese name: Bunshin no Jutsu
Used by: Most shinobi
Jutsu Image Everyone is required to know this. Requirement to Graduate as a Gennin. This is a basic jutsu. It creates illusions of the caster, in other words: clones. These are basic clones that aren't real. If they are hit by something, they automatically disappear.

Haze Clone Technique

Japanese name: Oboro Bunshin no Jutsu
Used by: Oboro, Mubi, Kagari
Jutsu Image The clones created by this technique are not real. They might have weapons with them and those aren't real either. When a clone is hit, it turns into a gooey substance which can either retake it's original form or just fade away. This technique is used in collaboration with people in the background. The clone will act like it throws a kunai knife, when in actuality, the user of the skill will throw a real kunai knife.

Body Paralysis

Japanese name: Kanashibari no jutsu
Used by: Orochimaru, Hatake Kakashi, ANBU black-ops
Jutsu Image Used to immobilize enemies. It submits an extremely large amount of fear into the target, Usually the fear of dying in battle. They picture their own death. The fear stops them and freezes them in their tracks.

Illusion Harmony

Japanese name: n/a
Used by: Tayuya
Jutsu Image A genjutsu attack in which the user makes the opponent imagine that they are being strapped down by many chains, then causes them to think that they are melting and being ripped apart.

Demonic Hellfire Illusion

Japanese name: Magen, Igoku Gouka no Jutsu
Used by: Akadou Yoroi
Jutsu Image An illusionary technique that causes the target to imagine that they are being burned alive, by a huge ball of flames that rained down on them from above. The end result is usually the victim fleeing the area, trying to escape from the fire.


Japanese name: Utakata
Used by: Uchiha Itachi
Jutsu Image A technique presumed to have been developed by Uchiha Itachi. He starts off by merely pointing at his target, and once they take a look at his finger, the target is dragged and bound into a world of illusions within their own mind. While the target is under the illusion, the user has complete control over anything the target sees, hears, and feels. | 2003-2015 is a fansite based on the Naruto Anime and Manga series. The holders of the copyrighted and/or trademarked material appearing on this site are as follows: NARUTO © 2002 MASASHI KISHIMOTO. All Rights Reserved. Helping
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