Age: 14 Birthday: June 26
Rank: Missing-nin Weight: 97.3 kg (215 lbs)
Origin: Hidden Sound Village Length: 181 cm (5'9")
Introduced: Episode 68 / Chapter 115 Bloodtype: B


Currently deceased, killed by Chouji.


Jiroubou is the weakest member of the Sound Four group. Don't let this fool you! Although he is the weakest amongst them, that doesn't mean he isn't strong against other people. His power is unbelievable. He specializes in molding chakra as the rest of them. Because of his size he also has the ability to, like Chouji, increase his size and power but without a pill. He dislikes when Tayuya bad mouths him and he always criticizes her when she does. Jiroubou's power is strong but yet we don't know what clan he belongs to. Some can say he may be from the Akimichi clan since they are the only ones who can preform the multi-size jutsu so far. One could also say that this power comes from the Level 2 seal curse.

Jiroubou is a tough fighter but he often, just like Chouji, gets hungry. When he IS hungry he has the ability to absorb another persons chakra. This technique is done with his jutsu: 'Doroutoumu-Doton Kekkai' (Ultimate Clay Prison) which engulfs his opponents in a huge dome prison like structure which can't be penetrated unless hit in a spot which has very low chakra molding. This is one of his special moves and though it doesn't cause any damage physically, it drains the target's chakra and once the enemy is weak, he finishes them off.

Jiroubou's attacks all involve earth-type jutsus, which means if he is by land, he is able to utilize most of his techniques. Besides using these ninjutsus, he has the capability to use strong powerful taijutsu attacks. When he activates his level 2 seal he has 10 times the power that he would normally have in his first form. He is able to use the super-size jutsu which makes him bigger than those who can preform the multi-size jutsus. Besides doing these types of attacks, he is known to talk highly about leaders and dislikes those who are poor leaders.

Jiroubou is not to be taken lightly even if he is the weakest of the Sound Four. His strength, combined with his top notch Earth-type ninjutsu, make him a deadly fighter in battles. Those who underestimate him will only find death. Though when he is faced with the option of death the tides soon change.

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yo yo yo!
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yo yo yo yo!
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jirobo is 500 pound meat and cheese
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you got that right
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i dun like him!!hes a meany that tried to kidnape my cuzin, sasuke!!
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deidara_luver07 i will kill you with said kunai
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ok jiroubo looks like a evil red person in Cs lvl2
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wow when jirobo goes in 2 second state he looks really constipated!

also jirobo sounds alot like hobo
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Quote by abomb123
ok jiroubo looks like a evil red person in Cs lvl2
yeah well... jirobo pretty much is an evil red person
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Hello ! Any 1 here ??
I'm bored ...
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deidara_luver07 i will kill you with said kunai
don't throw that kunai unless you want a death windmill shuiken threw ur face
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Why I am here forehead_girl
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