Age: 17 Birthday: November 16th
Rank: Genin Weight: 54 kg (119 lbs)
Origin: Hidden Rain Village Length: 168.8 cm (5'5")
Introduced: Episode 35 / Chapter 60 Bloodtype: O


Also appears in the Land of Tea anime filler arc.


Kagari is a Hidden Rain ninja and he is in the same team as Oboro and Mubi. His team fights using mainly genjutsu and clones to hide themselves so that he and his teammates can attack their enemy where they least expect it. They can also change mist clones into solid water clones without being noticed so that they can attack with many clones using taijutsu instead of genjutsu to inflict physical damage instead of illusory damage. To the enemy the clones will still look the same. But if they attack a clone, unlike a mist clone, it will become a puddle of water when hit.

Kagari and his team fought in the chuunin exam's second examination round in the forest of death and were beat by Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura and Kabuto. Soon after the chuunin exams the team was hired along with Aoi to make sure that the ceremonial runner of the Land of Tea does not win the ceremonial race. They managed to trap Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura underwater and almost drowned them. They almost succeeded in their mission, but Naruto managed to free himself and his squad and beat Kagari, Mubi, and Oboro once again.

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punch and the arm shots at a tree and the blade stabs the tree and u pull the puppet in and blast thu the tree ok good

now legs the puppet kicks a nether tree and befor it hits the tree the gaktling gun blows the tree apart and the puppet pulls the leg back
good not the head

the head shots off and stabs the tree with a blade from the mouth and the puppet pulls it self and braks the tree in 2. good now the king puppet
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