Age: 14-15 Birthday: May 15
Rank: Jounin Weight: 61.2 kg (132 lbs)
Origin: Hidden Sand Village Length: 165 cm (5'4")
Introduced: Episode 20 / Chapter 34 Bloodtype: B


Age 17-18 in Shippuuden.
Fourth Kazekage's son.
Gaara and Temari's brother.


The middle child of the Fourth Kazekage, Kankurou's siblings are Gaara and Temari. He has a deep fear of Gaara, and is very submissive to his will. When Gaara isn't around, however, Kankurou is a very confident bully, and has the ability to back up his attitude. Although Kankurou seems to have a dislike for children, his personality changes a great deal over the timeskip to Shippuuden. Kankurou really takes on the role as Gaara's big brother, he becomes very protective of Gaara, and challenges anyone who badmouths Gaara in his presence. When Gaara is captured by Deidara, Kankurou immediately goes after him in an attempt to try and save his younger brother. Even after being defeated by Sasori in battle his resolve to find Gaara is as strong as before.

In part I Kankurou carries around a puppet he calls Karasu, and employs it when fighting. Karasu has many weapons hidden inside it, from sharp knives to hidden bombs of poison gas. It is exceedingly difficult to get close enough to damage Karasu. His second puppet to be introduced is Kuroari. In Naruto Shippuuden Kankurou doesn't carry his puppets around with him anymore, he keeps them in summoning scrolls. And there's a new puppet called Sanshouuo being introduced. It also becomes clear that the puppets he uses were all originally created by Sasori, and came into Kankurou's possession when Sasori left the village.

He may seem like he is all talk, but it would be foolish to underestimate him, as he has proven himself to be quite intelligent in his battles. His only weakness is that if Karasu is destroyed, Kankurou has almost no way of fighting back, so he takes exceptionally good care of his offensive puppet to insure that he will not be stranded in battle. And although Kuroari doesn't have as many hidden weapons as Karasu, it does have some dangerous hidden weapons like a saw-blade. It's primary function is to trap his opponents within itself. Once trapped numerous weapons enter Kuroari's slots along its body to kill his opponent instantly. Kankurou's third puppet Sanshouuo is used for defense, it has a hollow body that can hold up to three people.

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What the fuck? O.o
on May 1, 2010 at 04:46

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puppet master! lolz! :3
on May 1, 2010 at 21:24

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you fail at spelling angel
smart one.
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Quote by -Rainbows-
you fail at spelling angel
smart one.
Heehee, what if they meant to put angle? Hmmm? :)
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Quote by XxiloveyouxX
Heehee, what if they meant to put angle? Hmmm? :)
then that wouldn't make sense.
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wow i didn't know he had a profile thing :tounge :tounge :tounge :tounge
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Hmm... so "Karasu" would be, as said in my Naruto Shippuden-Box Set #1" "Crow" "Kuroari" is "The Black Ant" and "Sanshouo" would be "Salamander&quo t;? Am I right!? Cuz it sounds right 2 me! I won't be able to remember "Karasu",& quot;Kuroari", and "Sanshouo" so I'm gonna stick with Crow, Black Ant and Salamander. Sorry...but I gotta!:tounge Won't know what I'm talkin' 'bout if I don't!
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Kankuro is so cute!!!!!
he looks like a cat though. MEOW!lol
he also has sharp teeth, I have never noticed that about him
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ooooo deisexy who the fuck would freekin wanna see a butt?Thats so nasty!So,you think butts are sexy?
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I love Kankuro he's so AWESOME!
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I want his kitty hat ^-^
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