Age: 14 Birthday: December 16
Rank: Missing-nin Weight: 56.2 kg (124 lbs)
Origin: Hidden Sound Village Length: 159 cm (5'2")
Introduced: Episode 68 / Chapter 115 Bloodtype: A


Currently deceased, killed by Neji.


Kidoumaru is another one of the Sound Four, the elite bodyguards of Orochimaru. Kidoumaru has one noticeable feature, he has 6 arms. Each of his arms is used in controlling his web type of attacks on people. He can use it to control his webs and stretch them out.

Kidoumaru is the rowdy guy of the Sound Four, he enjoys playing games and playing with his enemies before he kills them. He is the main one who uses his webs to protect the Sound Four and Orochimaru. The webs can be used defense-wise and offense-wise. Kidoumaru has a special type of metal like liquid which runs throughout his body. He can use this liquid to make his webs as well as when it reaches out side of his body it automatically starts hardening with the chakra which flows with in him.

Kidoumaru is one who likes to use spiders and their attacks in his attacks, when we see him fighting Neji he uses spiders to attack him while having the ability to summon a huge unidentified spider which attacks Neji.

Kidoumaru is a tough one from the Sound Four and his weakness is he takes too long to finish his objectives since he likes to play around which might be his down fall in future battles. Once Kidoumaru activates level 2 Curse Seal he has 120% accuracy and uses his web-made bow to strike his opponents with absolutely no chance of missing.

Kidoumaru also is a strategist who likes strategies and uses them quite often in his attacks or when he plans traps. Though he may be smart in this sense, he is still lacking any true hand to hand combat and uses a lot of long distant attacks since he is not really a taijutsu type of ninja. He doesn't mess around and his ninjutsu is an inhuman one at that, but the reason he was chosen to be one of the Sound Four is mainly because of his web type of jutsus he can use.

on November 16, 2009 at 23:41

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This is messed up Idk who to beileve Jereth or Karma_of_death???
on November 22, 2009 at 19:35

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spider man 2 you stink kidoumaru
on November 30, 2009 at 06:06

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- l lll /
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kidomaru is a 6 armed freak ha!
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youre right
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Not cool. I'm glad neji killed him.
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Actually, Naruto-Kun, he DOES mess with his opponents.

Kidomaru generally saw a battle as a game, and often played around with the opponent too much because he preferred to have fun seeing the opponent struggle. His speech also reflected this; when battling Neji Hyuga, he referred to Neji as a "minor character" and analyzed his situation using typical gaming language ("level" and "difficulty.). He is also extremely arrogant with his opponents, and sometimes swears if he is in a tough situation.

THIS is the reason he lost against Neji.
on May 1, 2010 at 04:47

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dude he is so spidermans cousin!
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I' m so depressed!!!
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This can be a boring site sometimes.
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