Kinuta Dosu

Age: 14 Birthday: June 12
Rank: Genin Weight: 49 kg (108 lbs)
Origin: Hidden Sound Village Length: 156 cm (5'1")
Introduced: Episode 21 / Chapter 35 Bloodtype: A


Currently deceased, killed by Gaara.


Unofficial leader in the team consisting of himself, Zaku Abumi, and Kin Tsuchi; Dosu is the strongest and most intelligent of the only team from Sound Village to enter the chuunin exams.

Dosu is a proud and calculating character, and is very quick to analyze new situations. His attacks include use of his Melody Arm, a device used to amplify and control the sound waves emitted from it to attack his opponents ears. If he manages to damage the ear drums of his opponent, his enemy will become unbalanced until they recover.

Dosu also has a sort of comradeship with his teammates, and vowed to avenge Zaku's loss of his match and arms in the finals.

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Hi peoples....: :tounge
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i can care less :tounge :tounge
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Speaking of ugly, you should see this guy with the bandages off.
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I'm bored...where's Kabutofan780 run off to?
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they never show him with the bandeges off, any ones you have seen were made by other people based on what they think his face looks like
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at least hes nice.....sort of
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Quote by sup-ppl
u got that right
oboro is there like a naruto book ur getting all of this from
not making fun
no, I've simply put in an exhaustive amount of research time on the subject, I've done this in referance to several projects and just as a normal fan.
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Naruto shippudden epi.33 airs today!!!
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Quote by sconestar
at least hes nice.....sort of
not really...
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Dosu iz ok. He was born on mi bday
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Pie iz gud
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