Game facts


Naruto Ultimate Ninja 2

Original JAP Title: Naruto Narutimate Hero 2
Published by: Bandai
Console: PS2
Developed by: CyberConnect2
Genre: Fighting
# of players: 1-2
JAP release date: September 30, 2004
US release date: June 12, 2007

Game description

Review by redkclark - You first start as Naruto, and you're kinda using this "RPG" element style, where you control Naruto around Konoha village (Not all village, only some parts, like you can access the Chuunin stage, the 3 logs etc) Anyways, the story mode goes from Naruto VS Neji up to Tsunade VS Orochimaru. What's unique about this game is that, you can do some TIGHT special moves (I'll mention it later) to complete the fight. For example: Hokage VS Orchimaru fight. Hokage needs to perform the Death God fuuyin Jutsu at the end before Orchimaru dies in order to win the fight.


Very very good. The Ultimate move performed by each characters are unique. There are a total of 3 ultimate move, and the damage is based on the Chakra level. There are a total of 3 chakra levels. In Chakra level 1, you can only perform Ultimate move 1. If you have chakra level 2, you can perform level 1 or level 2 ultimate the idea?

Anyways, as I mentioned, each character has different ultimate move. For example: Naruto's level 1 move is "Fuuma Shuriken". After the move initiated, you will enter a BUTTON BATTLE. The screen tells you to press say "Triangle", and you and your opponent have to press the button rapidly in order to win the button battle, and proceed on into phase 2 of the Level 1 ultimate move.


If the one who initiated the ultimate move loses the button battle, the battle is over, and the damage is super low. If the one who is defending the battle, wins, then the damage is reduced significantly. There are other extras as well. Say Sasuke performed the Final Level 3 Ultimate move - Chidori, he performs it 4 times. Chidori 1, Chidori 2, weak Seal Curse Chidori 3, and Curse Seal Purple Chidori 4. After the curse seal is activated from Chidori 4, your character, Sasuke, enters the Curse Seal mode, where his whole movement speed, attack damage, defend reduction, increased by a lot. Same with Naruto with Kyuubi power. Other "specials" are Sharingan, which can dodge an attack completely. Byakugan, which can damage the chakra level as well...and many others. Aside from the Ultimate moves, there are basic jutsus, like Katon: Goukakyuu no Jutsu from Sasuke.. Kaiten from Neji Dynamic Entry by Gai...etc...


The sound is quite mediocre. The only tune I like is "Go" the introduction. The other battle music etc, are NOT from the anime. Which I was a bit disappointed. I want to hear the Naruto theme.


The graphics are a big plus in the game. The Cell shades are awesome. Backgrounds are pure 3D. Characters are 2D, but it adds an anime effect, as well as some manga effects as well. There is absolutely no lag, even in button battles.


Go buy it if you have a chance. but be aware that it gets hard on easy mode and if you arent Japanese, you wont understand the game without the translation guide on Gamefaqs.

Game score

  Graphics (9/10) Sound (8/10) Gameplay (8/10) Replay value (5/10) Overall (7/10)  

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