Game facts


Naruto Ultimate Ninja 3

Original JAP Title: Naruto Narutimate Hero 3
Published by: Bandai
Console: PS2
Developed by: CyberConnect2
Genre: Fighting
# of players: 1-2
JAP release date: n/a
US release date: n/a
Reviewed by Nelo

Game description

  Naruto Ultimate Ninja 3 is definitely a prize game of the Ultimate Ninja series. Keeping its arcade like passion while adding in a few new features, you would enjoy fighting the computer, doing Ninja Missions and fighting with your friends in the Versus mode option, while unlocking multiple characters and items to add along with each ninja. Unlike Ultimate Ninja 1 and 2, Ultimate Ninja 3 has its whole settings and plays renewed. The story mode has a new definition of fun as well as the jutsu equipment setting. The story mode is called the Hero History, but titles as the Ultimate Contest when playing, and starts off as its original RPG like play. You enter a tournament to find and defeat the strongest enemies and grab their colored crystal as you win gaining ryo for your accomplishments, and setting a new village law for winning the tournament. Leveling up characters is the best way to gain full potential when fighting against your experienced friends or finishing missions faster. Following its anime, it goes with every major event that has happened from the beginning of Naruto to the near end with Naruto (1 Tail) versus Sasuke (Seal 2). There are certain scenes which are taken out due to the gameplay enhancements’, but the fighting and story roam play makes up for it. Naruto is the controllable character during this time, running throughout the village doing multiple missions for others and having a ball with his ninja way freedom.


I love the game play of Ultimate Ninja 3. There are multiple combos to perform along with some pretty cool jutsus and techniques for each individual character. There is also a new battle format unlike Ultimate Ninja 1 and 2. It’s called the clash sequence, which happens when you and your opponent performs a certain technique at the same time and hit each other with it. It follows the anime based on Naruto Episode 134, with Naruto and Sasuke clashing the Rasengan and Chidori, charging at each other until 1 had give in to defeat. Another new feature is the summoning battle play. Being able to play with Gamabunta or Kiba in his Double Headed Wolf form is quite awesome. Though it’s a short moment to play with it, it’s quite powerful and hard for your opponent to attack you with constant attacks and combos. There is also a new part with Mini games in addition with the story mode. Beating these mini games earns you more Ryo and items for battling. There is a new set of levels for certain characters as well. Some can go into Curse Seal Level 2, while others merge into their own secret form such as Anko in her Semi Curse Seal Form after executing her Ultimate Technique. I enjoy fighting back to back with friends using the vast combos and techniques. Rock Lee in example, with his lunge and rotating kick, chaining blows to make the battle more exciting and fast with a thrill.


The sounds of Ultimate Ninja 3 are somewhat good. Because of the numerous characters and stages, there have been additions to the sounds which are both semi enjoyable to listen to and good for that battle rush when owning your enemies. Some instrumentals are nice if you like tuning down to enjoy peaceful music, so that’s 1 good feature that sets good with the game.


The graphics for Ultimate Ninja 3 are great. It surpasses its previous editions with character make-ups and even the Ultimate Jutsu Formations. Though some Ultimate Specials are plain, others have a big impact in the Graphics area such as the 1st Hokage. His Woodland Special is both long and thrilling. It’s as if you’re watching the actual show but with a more out the picture detail. The characters look great as well. Looking into the 2nd Seal forms of various characters such as Kimimaro, makes U think about how the next edition will look compared to Ultimate Ninja 3.


The game is pretty cool. I admit after beating it a good 12 times I grew bored of playing. But it also gives you a chance to master various combos and techniques. It’s been out for some time, so it’s pretty cheap in stores compared to its near 45 dollar release back in 2008 (America). I recommend you buy it if you have that love for Ninja Glory, it would be 1 addition to have with the worlds Loudest Ninja.

Game score

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