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Series information


One Piece

Status: Airing
Genre(s): Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy
Spoken language: Japanese
Subtitle language: English
Licensed by: TV Tokyo
Episodes online: 16
It was a time when pirates ruled the seas. Several bands of pirates were battling over the great hidden treasure, One Piece, which was left by the now legendary pirate captain, Gold Roger. There was a young boy who admired the pirates, his name was Monkey D. Luffy. One day, he mistakenly eats the devil's fruit and turns himself into a rubber human being. Ten years have passed since that incident. Luffy sets out to sail all alone. He sets out to become a great pirate captain and that's when his great adventure begins. "I'm going to be the Pirate King! I'm going to get One Piece!".
One Piece Episode 699

A Noble Family! The True Identity of Doflamingo!
One Piece Episode 698

Anger Erupts! Luffy and Law's Ultimate Stratagem!
One Piece Episode 697

One Shot One Kill! The Man Who Will Save Dressrosa!
One Piece Episode 696

A Tearful Reunion! Rebecca and Kyros!
One Piece Episode 695

Risking Their Lives! Luffy is the Trump Card for Victory!
One Piece 694

Invincible! A Gruesome Army of Headcracker Dolls!
One Piece 693

The Little People's Princess! Captive Mansherry!
One Piece 615

Brownbeard in Grief! Luffy Lands a Furious Blow!
One Piece 614

To Save Her Friends! Mocha Runs at the Risk of Her Life!
One Piece 613

Showing Off His Techniques! Zoro's Formidable One-Sword Style!
One Piece 612

A Deadly Fight in a Blizzard! The Straw Hats vs. the Snow Woman!
One Piece 611

A Small Dragon! Momonosuke Appears!
One Piece 610

Fists Collide! A Battle of the two Vice Admirals!
One Piece 609

Luffy Dies from Exposure?! The Spine-chilling Snow Woman Monet!
One Piece 608

A Mastermind Underground! Doflamingo Makes His Move!
One Piece 607

A Fierce Battle Gets Heated! Luffy vs. Caesar
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