Age: 19 Birthday: February 11th
Rank: Genin Weight: 80 kg (176 lbs)
Origin: Hidden Rain Village Length: 195.6 cm (6'4")
Introduced: Episode 21 / Chapter 58 Bloodtype: B


Deceased, killed by Gaara.


Shigure was one of the genin from the Hidden Rain Village that participated in the chuunin exams. Alongside his teammates, Baiu and Midare, they were one of the two Rain teams that made it into the 2nd phase of the chuunin exam. The other Rain team consisted out of Kagari, Mubi and Oboro. Not much is known about Shigure and his team, except for the fact that they were easily defeated by Gaara.

Shigure and his team was very unfortunate to run into Gaara while in the Forest of Death. In order to get another team's scroll and advance to the next phase of the chuunin exam, Shigure confronts Gaara using his Raining Needles technique. By throwing his umbrellas into the air, and controlling the released needles kept inside with chakra he hoped to finish off Gaara by attacking him from all directions. But Shigure's technique didn't have any affect against Gaara at all. Gaara's Shield of Sand that constantly protects him took care of the job of defending Gaara.

Having his technique failed, Shigure rushes towards Gaara and attacks him head on. Gaara retaliates by trapping him within the Desert Coffin, and finishes him by crushing his entire body with the Desert Graveyard technique. In the end Shigure didn't put up much of a fight, and was easily killed by Gaara. Gaara also shows no mercy for Shigure's teammates, and altough they already surrendered after they saw Shigure get defeated so easily, they met the same fate as him.

on October 24, 2007 at 08:46

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Quote by Oboro
Ah yes, the verbal genius graces us with his profound character insight yet again, we are so very fortunate that once again we can revel in your masterful use of the English language to voice your opinion.
Shigure for what it's worth when dealing with the average on-looker on this site *sigh* showed excellent use of tactics, skill, chakra control, and even force when executing his attack on Gaara, his only real flaw was in not drawing out his opponents ability before challenging him.
will u stop acting like a god damn PROFFESER
on October 25, 2007 at 00:58

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Quote by sup-ppl
will u stop acting like a god damn PROFFESER
I appologise, when someone on this site can display any sembelance of acuity or maturity I shall, untill then though...
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Um I dont know who this guy is never seen him...
on October 27, 2007 at 03:36

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he had to beat Gaara in DDR and he fail so Gaara used Funk Koffin and killed him youd think he lived threw so much before just look as his scars
on November 2, 2007 at 18:00

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i kinda feal sorry for him. he had no idea how stron garra was.
on November 4, 2007 at 05:37

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how could be change avatar in animation
on November 5, 2007 at 02:45

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njhvbuyghgvyuvbuvugg ygygugyugyu
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wala silang laban kay gaara.....>>&g t;>>
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Ok first why dose it have a Shigure Biography? Second He lasts for five minutes in Naruto then died form gaara
on November 9, 2007 at 02:21

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Naruto shippudden epi.33 airs today!!!
on November 9, 2007 at 19:21

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Quote by panes
wala silang laban kay gaara.....>>&g t;>>
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Shigure got murdered!
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