Shiranui Genma

Age: 30 Birthday: July 17th
Rank: Special Jounin Weight: 71 kg (157 lbs)
Origin: Hidden Leaf Village Length: 181 cm (5'9")
Introduced: Episode 55 / Chapter 34 Bloodtype: A


Proctor of the chuunin exam's final rounds.


Shiranui Genma is a special jounin of the Hidden Leaf Village. He was also the proctor of the final rounds of the chuunin exams. When the Hidden Sand and Hidden Sound Villages started to Invade the Hidden Leaf Village, he helped fight them off. The Hidden Sand jounin Baki decided to fight Genma one on one. Genma was able to stall him for a while, long enough for Sasuke to go after Gaara.

Then on an assignment, Genma and Raidou fought against the Sound Four. They held them off for a while. The four sound shinobi realized that they wouldn't be able to beat them at their level quick enough, they activated their cursed seals. The Sound Four beat Genma and Raidou and got away. Genma had serious injuries. Tsunade and Shizune helped treat his wounds.

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why does he have stick in his mouth
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Genma is by far one of tue best ;D he needs morr time in the spotlight tho :(
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Quote by endou_mamoutou
why does he have stick in his mouth
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