Age: 16 Birthday: n/a
Rank: Monk Weight: n/a
From: Hidden Leaf Village Length: n/a
Introduction: Shippuuden 54 Bloodtype: n/a


Sora is an ill tempered individual who has been raised by the monks at the Fire Temple. Sora has some of the Nine-tailed fox's chakra sealed in his body which caused him to be hated by many of the monks. Sora is also a wind-nature chakra user and is able to use gusts of wind to lift objects or push them.

Sora was introduced when Naruto and his team were ordered to aid the Fire Temple in investigating the theft of several stolen corpses. Initially Sora and Naruto couldn’t stand each other. The monks ordered Sora to return to Konoha with Naruto's team to replace the injured Sai and also for his own safety. They learned that the thieves target was Sora. Sora's dream was to join the Twelve Guardian ninja like his father that he thought was dead. While in Konoha his father came for him and tricked Sora into attacking Asuma and attempting to assassinate Tsunade. When he failed to kill Tsunade, the Nine-tailed fox's chakra inside Sora erupted and Sora took the Four-tailed form that Naruto has been seen to have. Asuma killed Sora's father while Naruto confronted Sora. Naruto eventually absorbed the Nine-tails chakra that was inside Sora and ended Sora's suffering. Sora apologized for his transgressions and left Konoha to travel the world.

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Nah, I'm not getting the same joy anymore. Haha! Monster lol! "Raised by monks!"
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3rd o.o
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Wow, Sora is a dude???
on February 28, 2011 at 11:54

YES!!! Seventh!!!
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Where Keyblade?
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Quote by
Wow, Sora is a dude???
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whats badass_uchiha problem? and sora is a smartmotuh but cute in a way
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