Naruto-Kun Staff

All of the staff, with a brief summary of how long they have been on the staff and what they do for the website.


The webmaster of Naruto-Kun. Ian is in charge of managing the staff, as well as everything that goes on at the site and forum. He's also the head operator in N-K's IRC chat room. Lately he has been focused on reviving Naruto-Kun's community and renewing the site's content.

Chipp and ConneX

The retired founders and owners of They started working on N-K in 2003 as their first actual website project, and brought it a very long way since then. Most of the info and content on the mainsite was originally written by them. Unfortunately they had to move on to more serious and important projects and do not have time to work on N-K anymore. They still come around now and then to see how everything is going.


Igor is a coder and tech admin for Naruto-Kun. He is the one who coded the new forum, as well as the chatroom page. He is second in command, after Ian.


Our newest admin, freshly promoted from moderator. Nelo helps with whatever tasks on the site that other admins may not be able to get to as fast. He's also updating the Naruto information pages.


New newsposter, Coming soon..


Our GFX/graphic designer at one point. He designed the current layout for the forum. | 2003-2015 is a fansite based on the Naruto Anime and Manga series. The holders of the copyrighted and/or trademarked material appearing on this site are as follows: NARUTO © 2002 MASASHI KISHIMOTO. All Rights Reserved. Helping
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