Age: n/a Birthday: n/a
Rank: Missing-nin Weight: 55.9 kg
Origin: Unknown Length: 175
Introduced: Shippuuden 32 / Chapter 280 Bloodtype: n/a


Not very much is known about this shinobi, other than the fact that he is a new member of the Akatsuki, as he took Sasori's position after he was killed by Sakura and Chiyo. He seems to act like a pretty innocent and polite person, and even a little clumsy at times.

His true identity is unknown, as he has yet to have been exposed without his mask yet, and his origination has not yet been revealed. Though it is apparent that he somehow possesses the Sharingan. Leading many to believe he could possibly be Uchiha Obito, due to the fact he only seems to have one eye (Obito gave one of his eyes to Kakashi). However there is no proof or claims of this yet. He did however claim to be Uchiha Madara, in a conversation he had with Pein, but it is unknown if he meant he is Madara in-person, or in some other way.

After joining the Akatsuki, his first assignment was to capture the Three-tailed Turtle jinchuuriki, along with Deidara. The couple managed to restrain the jinchuuriki and transport it back to the Akatsuki's hideout, where Tobi then proceeded to brag about how he defeated the demon with a one-shot knockout technique. Which seemed to be a little bit over-exaggurated.

Him and Deidara later on went on a mission to kill Sasuke, due to the fact that Deidara had always wanted to kill Orochimaru, who had been previously killed by Sasuke. Once they finally met up with him and confronted him, Sasuke made an attempt to cut Tobi in half with his word, after which Tobi got back up, completely undamaged. Tobi was more of a peer in the fight, until being requested to help set up explosives by Deidara. Deidara set off his C4 explosive, which was thought to have killed Tobi in the crossfire. However it is apparent now that he had survived.

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he aint got no face D:
on April 18, 2010 at 16:01

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i have bedrock stuck in my head /:
on April 18, 2010 at 19:42

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You people are forgetting an astounding amount about Tobi. He didn't get murdered. He sacrificed his life for Kakashi Hatake. He's Obito and Madara, too. Here's a little more about him:

Compared to his Tobi personality, Madara's true personality is considerably calmer and much more serious, but he still has a habit of joking around and disrespecting everyone around him. Despite his current limitations in battle, he is extremely arrogant, insulting even the strongest ninja and treating Akatsuki members as mere tools. While speaking derogatorily to Pain, he still recognized his power as the strongest in Akatsuki and for possessing the Rinnegan. There are only a handful of exceptions that he admires, the most prominent being Hashirama Senju.
Madara has shown great ability in manipulating others to do his work for him. Minato believed that he was using Pain's ideology against him in order to control him. He similarly befriended Sasuke in order to get him to join Akatsuki by telling him about Itachi's past, even though he has an apparent interest in Sasuke and his abilities. He appears to have a somewhat twisted outlook with respect to this, often avoiding responsibility by claiming that people acted voluntarily when they were really coerced or manipulated by him.
Madara has set his goals in getting Sasuke on his side to serve Akatsuki's goals. As such, he was pleased that when Itachi died, no one would be able to prevent him from telling Sasuke the truth of the Uchiha Clan Massacre. Madara expressed disappointment when Sasuke failed to retrieve the real Killer Bee, and was worried that he may not be easy to control. However, whenever Sasuke enters deeper into the darkness of revenge, Madara shows delight, the most prominent being when Sasuke's hatred fully develops Susanoo, and when he sacrificed Karin to pierce Danzo's heart.
Madara possesses an extreme hatred towards the Senju clan and the Senju-led Konohagakure, as he is a descendant of the elder brother who was passed over being the successor of the Sage of the Six Paths. This hatred was compounded when the village chose Hashirama Senju to be Hokage over him. Madara admired Hashirama the most for his power, but still hated him. This hatred led Madara to a life dedicated to revenge. Madara believes that all Uchiha are destined to walk the same path of revenge against the Senju and Konohagakure, and that Naruto, who has inherited the Senju's Will of Fire, is fated to battle Sasuke, who has inherited the Uchiha's hatred, even if Madara himself must force them to do so.
Perhaps as a consequence of his old age, Madara seems to enjoy sitting down and taking his time with things, especially when telling stories, just like he told Itachi's story to Sasuke and his Moon's Eye Plan to the Kage and the samurai.
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uhh his name is uchiha madara and he's from konoha. this information about tobi sucks!!!
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my bad muh hahahamuhhahaha:laug h
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Tobi is really Obito I thought he was dead
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i did to but looks like he still standing he's one of my fav. of uchiha then comes itachi uchiha i just thought he waz only mandara uchiha
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Tobi is not Obito you gy fags! He is Madara Uchiha who lived nearly ninety years ago! Damn! Quit calling him Obito!
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His face always reminds me of a pumpkin.
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i konw your mum
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Quote by jtw
i konw your mum
wtf r u talking about??
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yet again you go around acting all smart sharing already known information,
that people aren't even going to read.
you're really annoying,
you know that right?
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i konw your mum
learn figgin english, my friend.... u and that sakura chick have a problem with that! >.>
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