Uchiha Sasuke

Age: 15 Birthday: July 23
Rank: Genin, Missing-nin Weight: 93 lbs
From: Hidden Leaf Village Length: 4'11"
Introduction: Episode 1 / Chapter 3 Bloodtype: AB


Age 12-13 during Pre-Shippuuden era.
Left the Hidden Leaf Village to join the Hidden Sound Village with Orochimaru, in quest for power.


Sasuke is one of the few survivors of the Uchiha Clan, one of the most powerful clans of the Leaf Village. He is the number one rookie genin and is considered a genius. Sasuke has a very mysterious and bloody past, and his only goal in life is revenge.

Sasuke is a dark and serious kid. This makes him look cool to all of the girls in his class, but he doesn't care about that. Sasuke only cares about revenge, and to do this he needs to become strong, very strong. The exact reason for his lust for vengeance is still unknown, but it does have something to do with his elder brother and parents. His father and Mother along with the entire Uchiha clan other than Sasuke were murdured by his older brother Itachi. Sasuke has sworn to take revenge and kill Itachi. He was willing to do anything to get enough power to do so.

Sasuke is teamed up with Naruto and Sakura. At first Sasuke wasn't to happy about his little group, with Sakura having a huge crush on him and Naruto being the number one loudest ninja of the Leaf Village. But after some life and death battles they fought together Sasuke came to respect them. Especially Naruto, at first Sasuke thougt of Naruto as a loser, but then Naruto saved his life in the battle against Haku and Zabuza. Naruto defeated an enemy Sasuke himself couldn't handle. His pride was hurt, but he started to respect Naruto and started seeing him as his rival rather then some useless loser.

Because Sasuke is a descendant of the Uchiha Clan he possesses it's Bloodline. This gives him the ability to use the Sharingan. With his Sharingan, Sasuke is able to see through an opponent's strategy and counter it. He is also able to copy moves with it and improve them, like he did with one of Lee's TaiJutsu moves. If you ad up the fact that Sasuke was already a very talented ninja even before he could use his Sharingan, you have a very powerful ninja who improves really fast and has even greater potential.

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The Storys of:Iechey Uchiha:(i'll post them every week so keep reading!:tounge )

it all started 12 years ago...there was a lil baby named Iechey that was born into the Uchiha clan.she is the sister of sasuke and itachi.she is also the carrier of the wolf demon sprite bakau.she was sealed in her after the baby was born because she was very sick at birth and they put bakau in her to keep her alive.now ill skip like 5 years after that....

(iechey age:5)

"brother sasuke wait 4 me!"iechey yelled as she ran after her brother on the way to their first day at the ninja academy.sasuke stop and watch his lil sister(but only by 4 months)run beside him.then they walked off 2gether.when they came home they fond their older brother itachi shaping a sword"can i help big brother"iechey said running over to him.he smiled and patted her head."thank u 4 askin iechey but i dont want u to get hurt"he smiled at her and she sat there a bite upset."brother u said ud train us with shrikens today"sasuke said.itachi got up and said,"fine get ur stuff u 2 and well go"iechey and sasuke smiled and ran to get their shrikens.itachi had the sharengan so he hit every target but sasuke could only a few because he dint have his yet."sigh,as soon as i get the sharengan ill be able to do a lot more"sasuke said looking a bit tired."ill get mine b4 u!"iechey said with a evil smirk."no u wont.only the boys can have it.ur just a stupid lil girl"sasuke said with an even eviler smirk.iechey stood there and then bgane to cry and ran home."what just happened?"sauke said lookin to his brother"iechey has always looked up to u and wanted to bet u in every thing she could.but knowing she can never get what the uchiha clan is so famouse 4 she feels left out."itachi said"how do u know?'sasuke asked."its in her eyes....their filled with pain and she doesnt beliveve in herself."sasuke looked off the way iechey had ran away.that night after sasuke came home from the acadamy alone becase iechey was to sad to go,he fond the uchiha clan dead and a close friend of his fathers that was a huyga dead 2 and he was missing and eye.sasuke ran to his house and fond the same with his dad but no one else!out of the shadows walked itachi and iechey.iechey was covered in blood and had 2 differant eyes.it was the huygas and their fathers eye."i told u id get it first.plus i have the beakuegan and..."she made a few hand signs and said"shinshugan !"and she had red eyes and the veins around her eyes poped out like the beyakuegan.after itachi and sasuke talk about what happened itachi had to move on and he left iechey with sasuke.7 years later iechey lives a normal life(or as normal as a ninja with a wolf demon sealed inside her can)but sasuke holds a major gruge aginst her to this day.

ill post the rest next week so keep reading! :tounge
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if u like the story please pm me telling me!
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its iechey if u like the stroy pm this account instead
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