Age: n/a Birthday: n/a
Rank: Missing-nin Weight: n/a
Origin: Hidden Grass Village Length: n/a
Introduced: Episode 134 / Chapter 134 Bloodtype: n/a


Zetsu is a missing-nin from the Hidden Grass Village and currently serves as a spy and cleanup crew for the Akatsuki organization. He disposes of bodies not meant to be found (he eats them, he's a cannibal) and acts as a lookout a lot. His position in Akatsuki is unclear, since other members sometimes talk to him as if he's a higher ranked Akatsuki member. He has a giant Venus Flytrap around his head and shoulders, but what this exactly is and does is unknown. It could be a summon, or some kind of parasite. We also hear Zetsu talking to himself a lot, he seems to have a split personality. And since his face is half black, and half white on the other side, this is probably the case. He has his Akatasuki ring (boar) on his right little finger and first appears in Naruto watching the fight between Naruto and Sasuke. Much else isn't known about Zetsu, he remains a mysterious Akatsuki member.

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i can wait tell kira123456 comes on *grins evily* this is gonna be awsome when that bastard gets hacked and after hes hacked i die this is gonna be awsome
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wat up all of you fools
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im not a fool zestu is
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..... ......yea, Im gonna pretend I wasnt here at all
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Imma change my ava, cause some ppl, no pointing elbows or anything, took mine.........
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Thats better:tounge
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hmm if i guess thischaracter seems a very high skilled ability and as i seen his first skill ithink he cant transport instantly to any locations using his submerging in the soil??? hmm maybe because he is in hidden grass (maybe a plant type akatsuki monster)
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lol ty 4 that he tried to flame me earlier today he just got served.
i deem you my fan base. your always there when i "cutt" (or whatever its called) someone.
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Zetsu is creepy
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